You’ve got a bamboo question, we’ve got the bamboo answer!


ANSWER: There generally is no fee for local delivery.

Because we are located in Winter Park, we can generally offer free pre-delivery for most bamboo delivery and service installations.

Always text/ call ahead for your specific needs: 407-984-0226 *certain restrictions apply

bamboo delivery


ANSWER: Depending on your requirements we can guide and support your entire bamboo project. Call us to get started today!


ANSWER: From the time we get a call we can generally meet, discuss, deliver, and see your project through within a matter of hours and days, not weeks! Prepare to be amazed with our service.



ANSWER: Yes, if you are in Central Florida, we can come to your location to answer any questions you have.

We want to exceed your expectations and the only way to achieve this is to understand your specific needs!


BAMBOO ANSWER: No and we only offer clumping non-invasive bamboo for sale. Be careful, there are horror stories of folks buying bamboo from Craigslist only to find out they have the running variety. Some runners can behave like clumpers.

As such, it makes identifications of some runners difficult. Running bamboo is invasive and can get you in trouble. Be sure you know what you are planting. You could have issues with neighbors, HOA’s, and the city you live in. This is especially true if you do not keep running bamboo under control.

Running bamboo sends shoots out in all directions from the main plant. What was a small plant can become a small forest if not kept in check.

Clumping bamboo sends new shoots out close to the root ball in a predictable manner.


BAMBOO ANSWER: We like Graceful (Textilis Gracilis) Bamboo, it flourishes in this climate, it is cold hardy, it is resistant to many types of creep crawlies. Graceful bamboo is non-invasive, it handles dry periods well and it’s just plain beautiful to look it.

graceful bamboo for sale

How much does a wall of bamboo cost?

BAMBOO ANSWER: The best rule of thumb is to decide how tall of a wall of bamboo is desired at maturity and what height is wanted upon planting. You will want to measure and decide on wall length. You will need to space your bamboo plants about 6′ apart. It is a good idea to see our bamboo in person to best gauge spacing.

We can provide bamboo heights if you call us Monday-Friday 9A-6P. Seven gallon bamboo is the most cost effective. Keep in mind smaller bamboo requires the most time to fill in. The largest plants will afford the best initial result, this comes at a higher initial cost. We can work with nearly all budgets and love helping our customers get the result they want within budget.

Oldham's - Giant Timber Bamboo - Bambusa Oldhamii

Do I need an irrigation system to grow and maintain my bamboo?

BAMBOO ANSWER: Even if we are planting a wall of bamboo in Florida before the rainy season, its important that you have a way to water the newly planted bamboo for at least 6-8 weeks daily until it’s sufficiently rooted.

The good news is for most jobs you do not have to spend thousands to accommodate this basic requirement. Most sprinkler systems can be modified affordably to accommodate the bamboo. In many instances no modification of the planting bed is required since that area is already covered in a watered zone.

If the area is particularly dry or has no irrigation, one or two $30 hoses, a $30 battery operated timer, and a couple basic lawn hose sprinklers are all that’s required to ensure a great result.

Is bamboo a tree?

BAMBOO ANSWER: No, bamboo is classified as a grass and the type we offer tends to grow in a predictable and manageable way. While bamboo can be as tall or taller than the trees around it, its still just a grass.

bamboo pot sizes for planting guidelines

How deep do you need to plant bamboo?

BAMBOO ANSWER: This one is really easy, simply plant the bamboo level with the top of the soil of the pot it’s in. It’s always good to lightly cover exposed roots. Seven gallon pots are approximately 12” tall. This means you will want to plant your seven gallon bamboo about 12” deep. Fifteen gallon pots are 15-16” in height. For the larger sized pots, plant your bamboo in a hole approximately 15” deep.

BGHydro has a nice selection of pots if you want more information on how the various sizes break down.

What is the tallest bamboo that grows well in central Florida?

BAMBOO ANSWER: Dendrocalamus giganteus is the tallest of all bamboos, growing as tall as 115′ in height. This bamboo is native to southeast Asia and is hard to come by in central Florida. For this reason we have some alternatives you should consider.

Oldhamii Bamboo – Oldham’s Giant Timber Bamboo – ‘Bambusa Oldhamii is one of our bamboo plants for sale that does well in Orlando.

Oldham’s bamboo easily grows to 50’ and up to 65’ in height.

tallest bamboo for sale

What is the best bamboo for a hedge wall?

BAMBOO ANSWER: This will depend entirely on specific taste and desired height. Graceful bamboo is thick, elegant, and able to be hedged nicely into a thick wall. Check out some of our pictures of bamboo.

Let us help you decide what’s right for your yard: 407-984-0226

Do you need to fertilize bamboo?

BAMBOO ANSWER: Yes, we recommend osmocote. If you want an organic source, our customers have had great success with mushroom compost or manure. Central Florida is known to have high levels of phosphate. It’s always a good idea to test your soil PH.

Your county may be able to test your soil. If you need more resources feel free to give us a call for your area.

mushroom compost
emerald bamboo for sale

How can I keep my bamboo from falling over after planting it?

ANSWER: Plant your bamboo in nice tight holes, tie it to a stake and be sure you plant bamboo in proper soil. Putting bamboo in loose sand may prove problematic. If you disturb the soil, you may be creating a problem for your bamboo.

We can evaluate your yard or particular situation to see what is required to better ensure a good result right from the start..